who we are

tourbo mtb was started by
the passion of two friends


discover a new perspective:
the one of your MTB


write, call us
enjoy your tour

we are certain that only by cycling

you are truly able to discover the outlines of a country
because you have to sweat by going uphill and are able descent freely going down hill 
TourBO MTB started with the passion of two friends who as soon as they had free time
grabbed their mountain bikes to explore the world

“la grassa
” or in english “the fat”

to describe it’s artistic treasures,
it’a abundance and the spirit of the people
but it’s also a city of great culture, of great
life style and intellectual value know world wide thanks to it’s university

you can lose yourself in its streets
among the smells and restaurants, in the red reflections of its walls and towers, or under its famous portici

the hills around bologna offers
trails available to everyone

white roads, mountain bike trails for those who want to push themselves with enduro test, as well as downhill
choose relax and cuisine, enjoying a modern e-bike
or the challenges of a more advanced trail choosing an enduro mountain bike